Living on Canada’s West coast has shaped my perspective as a visual artist and influences much of my work. My husband and I sail our boat, Take Five, in the local waters where I gather my information, bringing it back to the studio to paint.

In my work you will find wild interpretations of what I see or imagine along the coast. My own marine symbology includes three men in a boat, anchors, flags, swim ladders, docks and the all seeing eye. (the eye that protects seafarers around the world). These paintings offer a colourful and inventive rendition of my perspective of coastal scenes.

A wide range of artistic styles has influenced me throughout the years, including abstract expressionism, minimalism, pop art and even folk art. Bringing joy to people through my art is my goal and sincerest pleasure.

If you share my love of how I see you can hear more about my process by joining my mailing list here. I look forward to hearing from you.