Sverre paints her coastal surroundings in a playful but also passionate light using vibrant colours and bold lines. Her surrealist pop rendered paintings are a lively and curious portrayal of the local seaside spaces that she witnesses from her sailing excursions on her boat. Her joy of being on the water is immediately apparent in her work.


Christy earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1981 from the University of Victoria. After years of travelling with her husband’s career and raising their two children, she returned full time to her art in 2010. Living in different cultures has been an influence on her visual vocabulary which she constantly adds to. Her works are now collected in Canada, Europe, Asia and the USA.


Sverre lives and works in Gibsons B.C. where she and her husband designed and built their home by the sea. When not painting in her studio, Christy is often out sailing, walking her dog Poppy, and learning how to garden.