Christy Sverre is a contemporary artist living and working in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast, BC. She became a full time artist in 2009 after raising her two children in various cities around the world.

As well as a degree in Fine Art Christy has studied with many artists over the years. She sees most of her development as the product of consistent hard work.

Her experiences and observations at sea while sailing the local waters inform her textural and dramatic seascapes. She fills many sketch books with her lines, shapes and ideas to later use in the studio. Capturing the moods of the sea and projecting its turbulence and motion is a prime focus of her seascape work.

She paints flowers with the same passion and is most interested in their energy. In defiance of any constraints, her blooms burst upwards out of the chaos of leaves and stems resulting in uplifting floral abstractions.

Working in multiple layers with vigorous marks she draws from her enthusiasm and intuition to guide her artwork to completion.

Her works are in private collections in Europe, Asia and North and South America.

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