Inspired by the joyful chaos of nautical life, my canvases portray worlds of my own creation. By taking apart and reconstructing, I seek to represent the hidden dimensions of the shapes we look at every day shapes that often escape our attention, recognition, or reflection.

My abstract paintings are playful and quirky, using bold lines and vibrant colours to explore marine geography, delighting in the tumbling array of nautical objects I observe on the sea. Keeping a loose approach with a childlike attitude to my painting process, I want my art to encourage imagination, and to represent a world of possibilities.

Symbolism plays a role in my work: the horizon evokes reflection and peace; ladders and docks can suggest growth or transition; boats and rigging remind us of the structure that helps or hinders our progression through life; birds represent trust and the delight of taking risks; faces surface as friends and the connective element of humanity; eyes shine a governing light on the path forward; and three men in a boat are the travelling companions that accompany us on journeys. These and other iconic images appear on my canvases in spirited, uninhibited, and energetic arrangements.