Abstract artist Christy Sverre graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Victoria. For years, she lived abroad, travelled widely, and raised two children. It wasn’t until 2007 that she returned to painting full time.

Sverre has studied with many artists over the years, but she sees most of her development as the product of consistent hard work. She has been profoundly influenced by her experiences living in other cultures, whose symbols and icons frequently make their way into her art. Her paintings are also informed by her interest in abstract expressionism and American pop art.

With a broad palette, Sverre notes that acrylic, oil, wax, inks, markers and collage are always at her fingertips, and her diverse tools range from paintbrushes to scrapers, squeegees, feathers, and chopsticks.

Sverre paints from her studio and gallery in Gibsons, BC on Canada’s west coast.


University of Victoria, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1981

Houston School of Fine Arts, 1990

Gallery Representation

Sybil Frank Gallery, Wellington, Ontario

The Kube Studios, Gibsons, BC



The BIG little Art Show, April 20-21, Gibsons, BC

Gibsons Jazz Festival, June 21-23, Gibsons, BC

Sunshine Coast Arts Crawl, Oct 18-20, Gibsons, BC

Fusion, Sechelt Arts Festival, Oct 4-20, Sechelt

Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Present Tense, Oct 10 - Nov 3

Affordable Art Fair Singapore Oct 20-22, Singapore


Sunshine Coast Art Crawl, Oct 19-21

Mad Park Bistro, solo show, month of July

Gibsons Jazz Festival, June 16-17, open studio show

Sunshine Coast Arts Council, Friends of Gallery Show, January 7-29


1/2/3 show, The Kube Studios, Gibsons, December

Sunshine Coast Arts Crawl, Oct 20-23

Present Tense, Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Sept 9 - Oct 1

Anonymous show, The Kube Studios, Gibsons, Aug

As I Sea It, solo show, Christy Sverre Gallery, Gibsons, June 17-18



Sunshine Coast Arts Crawl, Oct 21-23

It's Not all Black and White, Christy Sverre Gallery, May 21-23

Cityscape Gallery, Homesick show, North Vancouver

Stop Sign Productions, 7 paintings for movie, Stop the Wedding

Federation of Canadian artists, Floral show, Vancouver

Doris Crowston Gallery, Friends of Gallery, Sechelt



Handbook Productions, 13 paintings for movie, The Dater's Handbook

Sunshine Coast Arts Crawl, Oct 16-18

Four Points of ViewChristy Sverre Gallery, 4-5, Gibsons

Gibsons Public Library, solo show, April - June, Gibsons

Zocolo Winter Show', January-February, Gibsons



Doris Crowston Art Gallery, Respond and Reflect, Sechelt

Cityscape Art Gallery, Anonymous Art Juried Show, North Vancouver

Sunshine Coast Arts Crawl, Gibsons

Doris Crowston Gallery, Friends of Gallery, Sechelt

Federation Gallery, active members show, Vancouver



Sunshine Coast Arts Crawl, Gibsons

Doris Crowston Art Gallery, Carte Blanche, Sechelt

Doris Crowston Art Gallery, Friends of Gallery, Sechelt



Ion Art Gallery, Redress, Singapore



Astrid Dahl Gallery, Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

Astrid Dahl Gallery, Student Show, Singapore



Astrid Dahl Gallery, Student Show, Singapore