Christy Sverre


Born on the Canadian west coast I feel most at home when I am near the ocean. Having found my art passion early in life I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts, graduating in 1982.  It wasn’t until 2010, after years of living abroad and raising our two kids, that I returned to painting full time and I haven’t looked back since.
My studio/gallery looks out to sea where my husband and I sail our boat, Take Five. This is where I get my inspiration. Sailboats, shoreline and seascapes drive the subject matter of my work where I abstract them into new realities. Intuitively driven I paint with bold abandon to discover the shapes and lines that I find so intriguing.
The dreamlike magic of Paul Klee, the fantasy in Joan Miro’s shapes and the pleasure-soaked paintings of Raoul Dufy have consistently influenced my work. Canadian artists Jack Shadbolt and BC Binning also tear at my heartstrings. Travelling has also played a huge part. I have lived in Malaysia, Singapore, Texas, Newfoundland, Alberta; all have their own unique influence on my art. 

Music is important to my creative process and I often dance while I paint.  Acrylic is my favorite medium but I do dip into oils and mixed media on occasion.  My tools vary with scrapers, squeegees, sticks, feathers and chopsticks as I love to experiment.

Discover my work here.